Why Do Leading Events Choose Us?

Why Us

Experience The Most Versatile Event Platform Ever Created

Flexible Platform

Say hello to the most versatile event platform ever created. Equip your live events with attendee registration, fan engagement, partner integration, and so much more. Design and edit activations in minutes; fully customize the product to fit your branding; and do it all from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Know Your Audience Like Never Before

Attendee Registration

Using our attendee registration, you can know your audience like never before. With the ability  to capture multiple data items from each attendee, you will be able to better communicate with your fans and continue to build your brand. Our user friendly interface also assures your registration processes will be lightning fast.

Transform Your Fans Into Fanatics

Fan engagement

Our platform provides you the tools to engage your audience in ways you’ve never imagined. Customizable photos, videos, instant win stations, gamification and more are all here to help you build an event that people will be talking about for years to come. Let us help you transform your “fans” into “fanatics”.

Team Up and Achieve More

Partner Integration

We are proud to say that we play nice with others…almost everyone, to be exact! Have partners that need to integrate with our system? Maybe they need the latest and greatest in fan activations? No problem. Our team is happy to connect all of the dots to make sure that your event is full of memorable digital engagements for your audience and your partners!

Dominate Your Data

Event Intelligence

Managing all of your event data can be overwhelming. That is why we built one of the most in-depth reporting solutions in the event space today. Get a comprehensive overview of your real-time event metrics at the click of a button. Social impressions, media totals, and even survey details are all readily available to you and your team.

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