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September 26, 2019

The festival season is ending, are you looking for ways to improve your communications and engagement for next year? Our product allows organizers to build their festival app in just a few clicks!

The Greencopper solution provides a full range of services such as personal schedules, interactive maps, targeted messaging via push notifications, creative activations with partners and sponsorships, cashless integration, wristband registration, and much more!

Visit greencopper.com for more information. Or visit us at our booth at MaMa Invent on Thursday, October 18, to speak with our representative to preview a full demo!

Powered by Greencopper

The MaMa Festival and Convention 2019 app is developed by Greencopper, a Patron Technology company. The Montreal-based mobile app maker is a partner to events like Coachella, Roskilde Festival, Sónar, Lowlands and Hurricane Festival. As a proud partner of MaMa Festival and Convention for many years, Greencopper is excited to be present at the conference and be part of the conference program.

Be sure to meet team members Pauline Mahé, Bruce Morrison, Annie Hébert and Manon Paradis and attend their press conference, and workshop presenting the new revolutionary technologies recently integrated on all Greencopper’s apps.

“Streamline Your Event Operations with Marcato”

Greencopper official developer of MaMA's web and mobile applications will present its sister company Marcato. From talent contracting and event scheduling to vendor and content management, Marcato's centralized database helps events organizer plan, coordinate and execute all aspects of their event operations in one unique place. Using MaMa as an example, working with both solutions, Greencopper and Marcato will demonstrate how using these 2 integrated technologies could help you save valuable time and money and maximize your operational efficiency.

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