Crowd Management


Our quick and easy Registration System is at the center of everything we do. Collect a variety of attendee information in mere seconds. From name and email, to favorite flavor of jellybean, the options are quite literally endless. Once the information is gathered, it can be placed on one of many different data carriers to be used within the event to activate all of our other modules..


Tired of long lines? Everyone is. You can say goodbye to lines forever with our Virtual Line feature. This feature allows guests to enter a "virtual" line to participate in an onsite activity instead of having to physically wait in an ever growing queue of people. Guests are notified via SMS messaging 15 minutes before they are required to be at the activation. No lines means attendees have more time to explore and enjoy the rest of your incredible event!


Encourage fans to get connected at your events through gamification.  Attendees can earn badges or points for engaging with sponsors, creating/sharing content, and more, all while earning incredible prizes along the way. With features like mobile and web based badging, progress stations, scavenger hunts, and leaderboards, adding Gamification to your event is guaranteed to increase fan engagement!