Going On Tour With Oprah

Inside the arena, the lights dim to blackness, the unmistakable voice of Oprah comes over the crowd…”We’re all made of stars” Simultaneously, her silhouette can be seen stepping forward on stage as the entire arena lights up with twinkling white LED bands on all of her guests.

Thuzi created a one-of-a-kind experience that set a new standard for a “Social by Design” event.  The fusion of PixMob LED/RFID wristbands and the Event Pass Platform that acts as an operating system for live events was unprecedented.  Every aspect of the tour was completely integrated, frictionless and social.

Attendees used the Event Pass Platform to register once and only once using their social credentials or email and those credentials were then transferred to the O Tour LED Wristband in seconds.  Registration was simple, powerful and social: sponsor waivers, consents, opt ins and social permissions.  Attendees had a variety of options for registration including using their own phone via the Oprah’s The Life You Want native mobile app. The Oprah native app developer leveraged Thuzi’s API to extend the frictionless and social environment to the attendee’s phone.

The O Tour wristband served as the attendee’s fast path to frictionless fun and connectivity to their friends on social networks. The benefits became apparent within moments of an attendee placing an O Tour wristband on their wrist.  Upon entering O Town (fan village with sponsors), attendees simply tapped their wristband to engage with numerous fun activations: video booths, contests, product like and information stations, instant win games and much more.