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High-Tech Conference at a High-Tech Resort

What do Mosaic, Microsoft, Epcot and Thuzi have in common? The Microsoft World Partner Conference (WPC) in Orlando!

Our mandate was to create an integrated plan to facilitate networking, thought leadership and fuel collaboration among the Microsoft US Partner eco-system to enhance the WPC experience through programming and events.

Mosaic’s B2B event team designed and executed 3 RFID-connected US Partner events and produced a content series to support demand generation and event programming. Additionally, Mosaic’s strategic partnership with Thuzi (also a Microsoft partner) permitted our team exclusive preview access to begin building on the new Windows 10 OS and Edge browser.

Our audience experience began upon arrival at the Microsoft US Regional Lounge, where Partners registered and connected their infrared controlled LED/RFID band to their personal social media sites and emails.

Over the course of the week, attendees used these wristbands to gain entry to exclusive functions including the ability to stay in the Epcot park after closing time. Thuzi’s Access control even replaced Disney’s in house Access Control and Photo Systems on the final evening of the conference. These bands fueled their fun and provided a paper-free guest experience. Strategically located ‘tap stands’ and ‘scan to share stands’ at all of the events enabled us to deliver key event information (calendar bookings + event details), permitted social sharing of the onsite activities including guest photos and connected guests to information delivered to their inboxes. The sharing feature provided Microsoft with a permission asset to amplify branded content on guest’s personal social pages.

We exceeded the overriding technology goal creating a high tech experience that impressed high tech business executives at one of the most high tech landscapes (Disney / Epcot) implementing specific technologies for a high tech company (Microsoft).