Socially optimized Online Campus Marketing value pack

Social optimization is a crucial undertaking for all brands with an online presence, as it holds many key benefits concerning brand exposure. However, an astounding number of companies have either not yet started on a social media optimization plan or have incorrectly enabled the Facebook Like button on their website.

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Taking the time to ensure that social optimization is completed correctly not only provides the commonly understood advantages of adding a Like button to a site, but also provides additional brand exposure opportunities. Brands stand to benefit from added exposure in social search results returned by a search engine, Facebook status messages posted via Open Graph and even returning as a search result inside of Facebook.

Thuzi's Social Media Platform provides a centralized location for executing and managing Open Graph communications, as well as posts created for Facebook Brand Pages and Places.


92 percent of people have more confidence in information found online than they do in anything from a sales clerk or other source.