Social media marketing campaign analytics

Thuzi's custom social media marketing solutions have delivered record-breaking results for some of the top names in the casual dining restaurant chain niche. These solutions include a variety of focal points that integrate to deliver a comprehensive social media strategy. No matter how large your chain of locations, Thuzi's team has the social media expertise, creativity and technological prowess to create the perfect solution to meet your specific needs.

Thuzi's restaurant-geared solutions provide the ability to deliver targeted communications back to customers based on their online social interactions and on terms you decide are important. Whether it's restaurant locations, menu items or any other data point, this level of pinpoint targeting allows you to deliver only the most relevant messaging to your audience. Targeted engagements translate to an increased ROI for your social media marketing efforts.

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With a detailed knowledge of the hospitality industry, Thuzi has developed a version of the Thuzi Social Media platform to specifically address the needs associated with socially enabling web properties and managing social media marketing campaigns. Thuzi's platform serves as a complete management hub for socially optimized hospitality sites and social media marketing campaigns.

In addition, Thuzi's proprietary technology allows restauranteurs to gain insight into their top customers, including their level of influence. Identifying brand influencers allows for individualized analytics of brand interaction, social reach and demographic profiling. This data allows for pinpointing your target audience, refining your brand messaging, optimizing your marketing campaigns and more.


The most viewed Microsoft Case Study with over 235,000 views comes from our partnership with Outback Steakhouse and the use of Social Networking and Cloud Computing.