Facebook advertising with sponsored story ads

Developing, optimizing and managing successful Facebook ad campaigns takes a lot of knowledge and experience. Thuzi has years of in-depth understanding of the Facebook Ads platform from managing hundreds of high-spend ad campaigns, along with direct access to the Facebook team by leveraging the Facebook Ads API and our Facebook PMD status.

Facebook ads drive traffic and brand awareness Targeting Facebook ads to specific demographics

In fact, Thuzi was one of the earliest companies to be accepted into Facebook's PMD program as well as one of the first 20 companies granted access to the Facebook Ads API for testing during its beta period. This access gives Thuzi's clients a unique advantage when incorporating Facebook ads into a social media marketing campaign.

Thuzi has developed click-producing creative and copy for Facebook ad campaigns which have resulted in impressively low CPCs (Cost Per Click). These ad units are carefully optimized to ensure the highest performance while maintaining the lowest CPC possible. Additionally, Thuzi custom targets all Facebook ads based on each client's specific needs, giving them power to speak directly to their key demographic.


77% of social media users want a company to offer incentives (Cone Consumer, 2010).