Under Armour RFID event activation at Ravens Walk

Bridging the gap between attendees online and offline worlds.


Most events are social experiences and most event attendees are already sharing their experience with their friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. The problem is most brands are being left out of the event that they are sponsoring. The truth is that brands don't know who is attending their events since they are only registering a small fraction of attendees and are missing out on the majority of social posts.

Thuzi's Presence Platform connects brands to fans turning “Live” events into branded “Life” events amplified across attendees' social media channels with unparalleled monetization. We leverage RFID/NFC, Native Mobile Apps and cutting edge technologies to dramatically changes the event experience by eliminating the gap between brand sponsors, event promoters and attendees.

Associate users' Facebook profiles with an RFID, NFC or QR code

Key Features

  • Simplified Social, Mobile & Family Registration connected by RFID/NFC
  • Maximum brand amplification enabled by frictionless sharing into social channels
  • Seamless interaction across all activations & integration across all event sponsors & agencies
  • Plug-in brand activations including photo, video, sweepstakes & more
  • Detailed analytics of viral views & clicks traced back to event activations & sponsors


Our clients experience an average content amplification of over 320x. That means each photo or post is seen at least 320 times!

Some of our most popular activations include:

Facebook RFID event activation solutions