Tampa Bay Lightning Facebook custom engagement

Thuzi provides custom-built engagement applications that run on a Facebook tab, Facebook canvas and/or microsite. Each engagement is built for the client's particular campaign needs and encourages viral growth by providing social sharing opportunities through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email and any other requested social channels.

McAfee Facebook custom engagement Golf Channel Facebook custom engagement Chick-fil-A Facebook custom engagement

Every application developed by Thuzi comes fully optimized for a seamless mobile user experience, allowing you to reach the growing community of over 500 million mobile Facebook users who are three times more active than non-mobile social users.

Additionally, Thuzi's engagements provide detailed analytics so you are able to easily identify top brand influencers. Our custom applications can help you expand your house file by collecting valuable user data such as name, email and mobile number and help you make informed business decisions by collecting consumer opinions.


54% of Facebookers access via mobile, and 33% use a phone as their primary way to access Facebook. (www.socialnomics.com)