Social media marketing campaign analytics

Acquire valuable consumer insights.

Measuring the success and impact of all social media marketing efforts is key for refining and optimizing communications with the goal of maximizing ROI. The Thuzi Social Media Scorecard provides in-depth analytics and insights that empower brands with the information needed to make real-time business decisions.

Our social insights scorecard combines analytics and ROI scoring from multiple sources into one intuitive dashboard. This dashboard provides access to centralized and organized analytical data for each campaign or communication channel. It delivers earned media tracking and value attribution for collected consumer data as well as specific campaign and application performance information, all in real time.

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Key Features

  • ROI-based Scorecard measuring real-time business impact of social media activation by channel (Facebook Posts, Facebook Ads, Applications, tweets, email and text messages).
  • Integrated dashboard combines data from multiple sources, including Facebook Ads API, Page Insights, Application API and social data from Thuzi's custom social media applications.
  • Real-time campaign performance visibility through an intuitive dashboard.


80% of active users spend the majority of their internet time on social media (Nielsen Media, 2011).