Social media publishing tool

Publishing is the fundamental action which fuels social media marketing.

Every brand with a Facebook presence seeks to engage potential future customers. Thuzi's Social Media Publisher provides a single location for managing all social media communications as well as actionable analytics to determine the most effective communication channels. The publisher gives you control and quality assurance over the Facebook status update process by giving you a communication console for all Pages, Places and Open Graph Items.

Facebook wallpost publishing tool Facebook application publishing tool

The Thuzi Publisher status composer features a preview window which allows you to view the post, including photos, videos and links, as it would appear on Facebook before publishing it to your page. You can also schedule posts for a later date and use advanced viral tracking for Facebook ads, Twitter, emails, text and more.

Key Features

  • Ability to publish to Facebook Pages, Facebook Places and Open Graph Pages including preview, advanced linking and scheduling.
  • Integrated publishing to email and Twitter, complete with detailed tracking and analytics.
  • Category-based posting for retargeting specific groups, such as fans who "Like" electronics on a brand website or specific retail stores for localization.


59% of users who interact with a brand via new media are more likely to purchase a brand's products and services (Cone Consumer, 2010).