Facebook advertising with sponsored story ads

Facebook is the undisputed leader in social media.

On top of Thuzi being one of the earliest companies to be accepted into Facebook's PMD program, we were also one of the first 20 companies granted access to the Facebook Ads API during it's beta period. This access gives Thuzi's clients a unique advantage when incorporating Facebook Ads into a social media marketing campaign.

Facebook ads drive traffic and brand awareness Targeting Facebook ads to specific demographics

We leverage the Facebook Ads API for client media campaigns and automatically feed this information into the Thuzi Social Scorecard, enabling you to measure your campaigns efficiently and effectively.

Key Features

  • Thuzi uses the Facebook Ads API to customize campaigns, focusing on core demographic information to ensure maximum efficiency and visibility to support decision making based on Scorecard value.
  • The Thuzi Social Scorecard encompasses all of the Facebook Ads API data and campaign information, presenting it in an optimized format which maximizes visibility.


40 percent of respondents clicked the Like button for, or Liked, a company, brand or association on Facebook to receive discounts and promotions (ExactTarget, September 2010).