Outback Steakhouse realized the power of social media marketing early on and teamed up with Thuzi to deliver a generous (and delicious) deal to their Facebook Fans. In 2009, Outback kicked off their social media marketing efforts to help leverage the viral nature of Facebook promotions. Thuzi provided Outback the vehicle to reach an impressive 500,000 Facebook participants in a record time of only 18 days and generate millions of earned impressions! Since then, Outback has launched numerous successful customer engagements on both Facebook and Twitter, and they now sit comfortably at over 2 million Facebook Fans. Their consistent focus on keeping their customers socially engaged and their brand top of mind has proven to be a successful marketing strategy.

Outback Steakhouse custom Facebook application

We created a custom social application for Outback Steakhouse using Cloud Computing. This application became Microsoft's most viewed case study in history.

Outback Steakhouse custom mobile Facebook application

How did Thuzi Help Outback Steakhouse?

  • Grow in-house email and text message subscriber lists in addition to gaining social media followers at a record breaking pace.
  • Increase brand exposure through a high-profile Microsoft case study highlighting the advanced cloud technology behind their social applications.
  • Utilize store-level targeting to gain valuable analytical data and demographics.
  • Drastically and rapidly increase Facebook Fans through custom desktop and mobile engagements.
  • Increase brand messaging by deploying a sophisticated social media based microsite as a launchpad for Facebook and Twitter based promotions.
  • Present Facebook Fans with new coupons and offers that spread at a viral pace and increase customer loyalty.
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