4/18/13 - Facebook Mobile DevCon 2013: Easier Mobile Open Graph Integration, Improved Login, New IOS SDK, Launch Of Facebook Technology Partners AllFacebook Logo

Facebook used its Facebook Mobile DevCon 2013 event in New York Thursday to announce ... easier integration of Open Graph on mobile, an improved login with Facebook, and a new software-development kit for iOS. READ MORE

4/18/13 - Facebook announces Thuzi as a charter member to their new Technology Partners Program

Today in New York, Facebook announced the new Facebook Technology Partners Program and Thuzi is proud to be named as a charter member. READ MORE

4/16/13 - Facebook Launches Open Graph Mobile, Updated iOS SDK With Improved Login And Sharing TechCrunch Logo

Facebook today unveiled three new products at its Mobile Developer Conference in NYC that will put the company on an even faster track to becoming a mobile-first platform. READ MORE


The Tampa Bay Lightning will be unveiling a new digital video wall in the recently launched Bolts Social Central, a location for Lightning fans to interact digitally and socially, outside section 128 at the Tampa Bay Times Forum on Thursday, February 21 prior to their home game against the Boston Bruins. The new video wall at Bolts Social Central will aggregate fans’ social media posts on Twitter and Instagram into a single display for all Lightning fans to view their posts. READ MORE


Not all online innovation is happening in Silicon Valley or hip cities. Tampa-based Thuzi, founded in 2008, is a vanguard company in social media marketing. READ MORE


Perhaps the biggest question for any company -- from small startup to big corporate brand -- is how do you get ROI from social media? The Chief Technology Officer of Thuzi, a Microsoft BizSpark Featured Startup on Azure, tells us that it is possible to monetize this, and his company's suite of products is doing that while using the Windows Azure cloud. READ MORE


With a strong focus on its implementation partner base in 2012, Ektron added several new digital agencies, technology companies, digital marketing specialists and web design and development organizations to its partner rolls, including Thuzi. READ MORE


RTOHQ shot a quick video of Thuzi's Adam B. Sutton recapping his session at the Trib Group / Brand Source conference where he spoke about effectively bringing Social Media to the Rent To Own industry. READ MORE


It’s hard to believe that there has been hockey here in Tampa Bay for 20 years already. TWENTY YEARS!!!! I was fourteen. (Oh, hush.) So much has happened in the past twenty years. Technology alone with cell phones and the internet has been mind blowing, but the best invention in my mind was the mixture of pucks and palm trees. Thank you, Phil Esposito! The Tampa Bay Lightning is asking fans to log on to 20YearsOfThunder.com and vote for their favorite moments in the franchise’s history. It’s part of how they are allowing us, the Thunder, to be part of the 20 Years Of Thunder. READ MORE

07/19/12 - TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING Examiner Logo

The upcoming 2012-13 Lightning season is the franchise’s 20th season in the NHL and to help in the celebration, the Lightning is asking fans to vote for their top moments in franchise history, in what will be the first of many interactive experiences throughout the season. READ MORE


Recently, Hooters surpassed the 2 Million Facebook fan threshold at www.facebook.com/hooters and is now closing in on 2.2 million. Reaching this loyalty level did not happen accidentally. Hooters has consistently worked with Thuzi following a strategy to provide fun and entertaining fan engagement backed by Thuzi’s best in class social media platform. READ MORE

3/20/12 - OUTERCURVE FOUNDATION Outercurve Logo

The Outercurve Foundation today announced it has accepted the Facebook C# SDK open source project into the Data, Language and Systems Interoperability (DLSI) Gallery. The project, a set of libraries which enables developers of Microsoft platforms to build applications which integrate with Facebook, was contributed to the foundation by project creator and architect Nathan Totten and co-committers Jim Zimmerman and Prabir Shrestha of Thuzi LLC. READ MORE

1/20/12 - GULF COAST BUSINESS REVIEW Gulf Coast Business Review Logo

Thuzi’s new office in Carrollwood was previously a day care. It’s fitting considering the firm is only 3 years old. But the social media marketing company is building new relationships with advertising agencies and expects to hit a growth spurt that is forecasted to double employment this year. READ MORE

11/12/11 - EDGE Technet Video

Join Harold Wong and Jim Zimmerman, CTO at Thuzi and Windows Azure MVP, as they discuss the cloud. Jim was one of the first MVP's to utilize Windows Azure. Jim used Azure when creating a Facebook application for Outback Steakhouse since he wasn't sure how it was going to scale and Azure made it easy to spin up instances, etc. Jim also discusses his thoughts on IT Pro relevancy with the cloud. He feels that IT's will be become more relevant as the need to manage both on-premise and cloud applications increases within companies. READ MORE

10/14/11 - CLOUD COMPUTING SHOWCASE FOR DEVELOPERS Cloud Computing Showcase for Developers Logo

So you've decided to leverage social media with an application you hope will go viral. Are you prepared to log signups at a rate of 20 per minute, 1,200 per hour and 670,000 in five weeks? Can you handle 50,000 signups in one day? Here's how the Outback Steakhouse restaurant chain, in cahoots with Florida ISV Thuzi and Windows Azure, turned a free appetizer offer into a Bloomin' success--and how others are following suit. READ MORE

4/12/11 - CHANNEL 9 Channel 9 Logo

Over 500 million users! That is the universe for your app. So “learning Facebook” is critical. Come learn how to use the Facebook C# SDK built in cooperation with Microsoft and Thuzi, a Facebook Preferred Partner. Thuzi will also share lessons from creating Facebook promotions that have been architected to handle over 10,000 signups an hour. We will show how to build Facebook applications with .NET using ASP.NET MVC, Web Matrix, Web Forms, Silverlight and WP7 and how to host them on Windows Azure. READ MORE

3/29/11 - WEB2EXPO Web 2.0 Expo Logo

Jim Zimmerman is the CTO of Thuzi.com. He has worked with several online web startups for the last 14 years. He specializes in scalable web application development using jQuery, ASP.NET MVC, C#, PHP, along with the Facebook API. (He began his Web development efforts with PERL and JavaScript.) He also specializes in SEO for clients using organic search, social optimization, and online marketing strategies. READ MORE

3/7/11 - INSIDE FACEBOOK Inside Facebook Logo

Brands were giving out coupons, soliciting fan feedback, creating engaging games, awarding vacations and helping make life a little more convenient when traveling — based on our look at featured Facebook campaigns this week. There were some interesting tactics used, including emailed coupons, making traveling more social by using Facebook to book your flight and using fan-generated content to gain network exposure. READ MORE

2/21/11 - FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY Full Sail Logo

Social media has without a doubt changed the way in which we all communicate with one another. And with the rapid-fire dispersement of information constantly being generated via mobile applications, Twitter, Facebook, and more, businesses that aim to utilize social media to get their message out there are in great need of designers, programmers, and developers who can keep up with the pace and still create engaging content. READ MORE

1/31/11 - MICROSOFT Internet.com Logo

Windows Azure is the cloud-based development platform provided by Microsoft that lets you build and run applications in the Cloud and launch them in minutes while coding in languages you already know including .NET, PHP and Java. The Cloud enables you to reduce up-front technology purchases, while reducing the need to worry about redundancy, bandwidth or server constraints. READ MORE

2/23/10 - MICROSOFT Microsoft Case Studies Logo

Outback Steakhouse wanted to encourage repeat guests by creating a social networking presence. Working with Microsoft Partner Thuzi, Outback offered a free Bloomin’ Onion coupon to the first 500,000 guests to sign up as Outback fans on the Outback Facebook Fan Page. The company developed the application on the Windows Azure platform in less than eight weeks, taking advantage of its familiar environment, flexibility, and scalability. READ MORE

6/10/10 - CHANNEL 9 Channel 9 Logo

Gunther Lenz ISV Architect Evangelist with Microsoft, interviews Jim Zimmerman, CTO of Thuzi and author of the Windows Azure Toolit for Facebook and CloudPoll reference application. Learn what the toolkit has in store and check out CloudPoll http://bit.ly/CloudPoll reference application, built on the Windows Azure Toolkit for Facebook, and free to use for any Facebook user. READ MORE

4/28/10 - ISV DEVELOPER COMMUNITY ISV Developer Community Logo

The CloudPoll Facebook application has launched and is hosted on Windows Azure. CloudPoll is available for free to all Facebook users to create, manage, and evaluate polls for their pages, all using blob storage, SQL Azure, and compute hosted in Windows Azure. READ MORE

4/19/10 - CLOUD COMPUTING EXPO 5th International Cloud Computing Expo Logo

How do you tap the social media sites in a way that reaches repeat customers, ensures a consistent user experience yet internally has the peace of mind regarding the customer data, scalability, and ease of development? READ MORE

3/31/10 - MIX10 Mix 10 Logo

Thuzi’s CTO and Lead Developer, Jim Zimmerman, presents at Microsoft’s MIX10. Jim discusses how Thuzi used Windows Azure for the Outback Steakhouse Free Bloomin’ Onion Facebook application. Additionally, he discussed the Facebook Cloud Toolkit built by Thuzi in collaboration with Microsoft. View the video below or on Channel 9: Building Facebook Apps with Microsoft .NET and Deploying to Windows Azure. READ MORE

12/16/09 - CHANNEL 9 Channel 9 Logo

The concern with these types of applications is the possibility that the offer will go viral as it gets passed from customer to customer and potentially swamp the servers to the point that they are not responsive and ultimately disappoint customers. Thuzi chose to use Windows Azure since the Windows Azure platform has ample capacity and they could scale up or down the solution based on the current demand of the market. The Outback Steakhouse offer in this case was a free Bloomin’ Onion at any of the thousands of Outback Steakhouse restaurants. READ MORE

12/6/09 - PDC10 PDC 10 Logo

Come hear from RiskMetrics and Thuzi; two early adopters that have developed highly scalable applications using the Windows Azure Platform. Hear them share their application architecture, lessons learned, and best practices. READ MORE

12/3/09 - KEYNOTE Keynote Logo

Azure is MS's new cloud development platform, best classified as PaaS (Platform as a Service) which allows developers to develop, stage, and deploy their applications in the cloud. Fully deployed, Azure removes the need for a datacenter. If you're interested in a deeper explanation of Azure take a look here to understand the underlying structure of Azure. A current user of Azure I talked to was the Social Media company Thuzi (pronounced Thu-Zee). Thuzi developed an application for Outback Steakhouse and their fans on Facebook. READ MORE

11/10/09 - INSIDE FACEBOOK Inside Facebook Logo

It’s no surprise that a recent Razorfish survey of online consumers shows that many are following Facebook brand pages to take advantage of the freebies that pages are offering to increase their fan numbers, and nowhere is that trend more evident than with restaurants and food brands on Facebook. Free food offers are popping up all over Facebook, and the food-for-fans campaigns are returning big numbers for those brands. READ MORE